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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. Ardwatalab.net basic premise
ardwatalab.net Is 100% free Classifieds ads website , For individuals, publishers , affiliates and e marketers , our target is to provide a new featured classifieds for all communities, individuals, private & public co. ( currently we serve egypt, saudi arabia, uae, jordan, and kuwait - more countries under consideration ) we do not have any agents anywhere . we do not accept or collect any payments for our services, ardwatalab website collects information from users as shown below.
2. Scope of information acquisition
  • The Site automatically collects and stores Internet IP addresses, e.mail and geo location (country. and or city) from those who access the Site. and place free ads
  • We do not ask users to register as ardwatalab is free without registration ! however users and advertisers ( IP addresses, E-mail addresses, and names ) are automatically stored in our data base as a part of placing free ads at ardwatalab classifieds
  • When the advertiser or site user post free ad to ardwatalab classifieds, an automatic activation e-mail is sent to the sender's email. if his e-mail is valid he can activate his ad otherwise ads are not published unless requested directly from ad owner who can not access his email for any reason and confirm his ID to ardwatalab admin !
  • We use the above data to improve our service and update our website for our site users satisfaction
  • We do not pass the above information to a third party .
3. Website cookies
ardwatalab use the following websites cookies:
  • Google Analytics for better analysis & evaluation of website performance, statistics data, and to assess website traffic and improve its quality
  • Google Adsense cookies .for interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google
4. Limitation on use and provision
Except in cases of legal disclosure requests, cases of illegal access, threats and other unlawful acts or other special reasons, the information acquired by the Site will not be used by ourselves for purposes other than those described above, or be disclosed to third parties, provided, however, that statistical information regarding access to the Site or information on user attributes may at times be made public.
5. Disclosure of own personal information
  • With regard to the personal information registered on the "ads data base" , one may not request disclosure of his/her own personal information due to the fact that it is difficult for us to verify the identity of the requester as being the owner of that information. With regard to the information on the "data base of ads" and or "ads detail page", one can remove or change any part of his/her own personal information as his/her discretion.
6. Scope of this policy
This privacy policy applies only to this Site.
7. Changes and notices
This Privacy Policy may be changed without prior notice. As we cannot notify users of such changes as they occur, please confirm the latest Privacy Policy on this page from time to time.
8. Disclaimer
  • While we make every effort to maintain the service and accuracy of the information provided by the Site, ardwatalab shall assume no responsibility for any actions taken by a user through use of any facility provided by this Site.
  • ardwatalab shall not be liable for any damages, either suffered by a user or inflicted by a user upon a third party, arising from the use of this Site.
  • ardwatalab is 100% free , we do not collect any visible or hidden expenses for our services, that is why the site completely disclaims his legal responsibility for any fraud or misleading that may be committed in his name represented in obtaining a financial benefits, and or compensation from the site users
  • The site user who post free ads. is fully responsible for the content of the ads posted by himself and the consequences of its publication

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