Bryson DeChambeau wins 124th US Open, defeats Rory McIlroy by 1 stroke in thrilling finish

Bryson DeChambeau is once again a U.S. Open champion, as he defeated Rory McIlroy by one stroke at 6-under for the tournament at Pinehurst No. 2.

Bryson DeChambeau wins 124th US Open, defeats Rory McIlroy by 1 stroke in thrilling finish

Bryson DeChambeau, who lost the PGA Championship by just one stroke, made up for it with victory at Pinehurst No. 2 in the 124th U.S. Open by one stroke over Rory McIlroy.

DeChambeau is now a two-time U.S. Open winner, having hoisted the trophy in 2020 when there were just a few fans at Winged Foot Golf Club due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This time around, though, fans went into a frenzy when DeChambeau buried his par putt to win the tournament. A fan favorite all week long, DeChambeau let out a wail as the trying test this course gave him, and every golfer, this week ended with a win. 

But despite DeChambeau being in the final pairing of the day with Matthieu Pavon, owning the tournament’s lead, McIlroy found himself in sole possession of first place at 8-under par after birding Holes 10, 12, and 13. 


DeChambeau, who just bogeyed the 12th hole, said after the round he knew he needed a birdie on 13 to stay in it because of McIlroy’s "heater" that he was on. He was able to do so, and move forward one shot off the lead. 

For the past decade, McIlroy has been searching for a major tournament victory, as he’s come so close but hasn’t been able to do so. But his putter started to betray him once the 15th hole came around. 


He bogeyed 15, and then would miss two putts within five feet in the final three holes – 16 and 18 – to finish 5-under for the tournament. 

The crowd couldn’t believe what they were witnessing, especially on the 18th green when McIlroy saw his putt miss right, which would’ve forced the first aggregate playoff in U.S. Open history if it went down. 

DeChambeau had already hooked his 18th tee shot into the native area when McIlroy missed the putt, where he was all day long because he just couldn’t find fairways like he was in his previous rounds. He knew that he needed a par for the victory, but it was going to be tough with a poor line of sight to the green and a tree root right next to his ball.

As he struck his pitching wedge while crouched under a tree branch, DeChambeau made solid contact, though it shot over to the right and ended up in a bunker 55 yards away from the pin in the middle of the green. 

However, DeChambeau was scrambling well all day long to remain in the hunt, and he said the best shot he’s ever hit came when he splashed his bunker shot to the spot he intended and watched it roll just a few feet short of the hole. 

All the emotion that DeChambeau had pent up through his four rounds was released with his scream and cheers to the crowd. Meanwhile, McIlroy is likely going to be a meme, as the NBC broadcast caught him in the clubhouse completely dejected after watching DeChambeau bury the putt. He knew he had thrown away a chance to break the major drought. 

Also worth mentioning about DeChambeau’s victory: The late Payne Stewart was someone who inspired him in all aspects of golf, including attending SMU and wearing the traditional flat cap. 

All week long DeChambeau was wearing a Stewart pin on the back of his hat, as it was the 25th anniversary of his iconic celebration after nailing an 18-foot birdie at Pinehurst No. 2 to win the U.S. Open. The course honored him with a special 18th hole flag with a silhouette of the fist pump-leg lift celebration. 

DeChambeau was pointing to the heavens for Stewart, as well as his late father on Father’s Day, when he won the tournament – one that was nerve wrecking and thrilling up to the final putt that sealed the deal. 

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