Rand Paul: 'Never, ever let Gavin Newsom anywhere near the White House’

Sen. Rand Paul, ahead of the 2024 presidential election, is warning that Americans should “never, ever let Gavin Newsom anywhere near the White House."

Rand Paul: 'Never, ever let Gavin Newsom anywhere near the White House’

Sen. Rand Paul is warning Americans to "never, ever let Gavin Newsom anywhere near the White House" as the California governor’s name continues to be mentioned as a potential presidential nominee if President Biden ever decides to drop out of the 2024 race. 

Paul, who has previously weighed in on the presidential election by declaring that he is "Never Nikki" [Haley] on the Republican side, made the remark Tuesday to an audience at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library following a speech on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s handling of it. 

"Never again should we let them lock us down. Never again should we be put into this situation," Paul said. "Never again should we allow them to come into our schools, never again should we let them set one foot into our churches. 

"Liberty requires eternal vigilance, I’m going to keep fighting with every breath I have," he added.  


Paul also said the Republican Party has to become "bigger" and "more diverse" going forward. 

"I think that while diversity for diversity’s sake is not a great idea, the idea that we are people from different places, we need more people from different places to be in the party," Paul said. 


"I’m for strict policy of no illegal immigration. But I think some of the best Americans just got here. We have to be able to say that and be encouraging to have first-generation immigrants in our party. Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hispanic. They need to be in our party. And we have to be a bigger party," he continued. 

"Some people want less legal immigration, I actually want more legal immigration. Legal. Lawful. I’d have zero illegal immigration. But you have to be more welcoming to people. I’m not saying you are not, but we have to do something to become a bigger party and some of that is attitude," Paul also said. "I think just simply by saying some of the best Americans just got here... and compliment the work that people do and not assume that everybody is a non-worker and everybody is here to steal from the welfare system. But none of that means I would let anybody in illegally. I would put every one of them back on the other side of the border."